Call Me Gabby

Call Me Gaby, South Beach


It was winter, and we fled the cold Northeast for the sun and vibe of South Beach. We had already hit many of our favorite restaurants and were coming to the end of our stay. We wanted something new, something classy yet comfy, and something a bit special. We had heard good things about Call Me Gaby in the SoFi (South of Fifth) neighborhood and decided to go.

serving wine at Call Me Gaby

2016 Super Tuscan Sassicaia, expert-rated 100!


I always like to get a head start on the wine selection. (It can take me a few minutes, depending on the depth of the wine list, and I don’t want to be a bore as I sit there silently looking it over.) So I went to the restaurant’s website and with great delight found a wine list that not only looked like it was put together by someone who really cared about wine but also included the expert ratings! The choice was made for me when I saw they listed the 2016 Sassicaia. It’s a wine that’s earned a perfect 100 expert rating, a Super Tuscan (Cabernet Sauvignon primarily, with a bit of Cabernet Franc) from Bolgheri, Italy. We had visited the area a couple of years before. With all that going for it, I had confidence it would be very special. It would pair beautifully with the Italian-influenced food and was the perfect way to toast my bride’s most recent accomplishments and cap our stay in South Beach.


The restaurant and the wine were both superb – a night we’ll always remember.



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